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Crown Molding Installation

Crown Molding Installation History

Installing Crown Molding dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Needless to say the design feature has stood the test of time. In more recent times crown moulding installation was used in construction to cover the joint imperfections between the wall and the ceiling. With most homes in the USA built with drywall installing crown molding is mostly used for decoration these days. Enough of the history lesson; now lets get to the fun, it looks amazing!

Choosing the Right Style of Crown Molding is Critical

Crown Molding can add depth to your ceilings if done correctly. And by done correctly, we mean choosing a style that fits the size of the room, height of ceilings, and overall decor of the room. Painting crown molding to either match the ceilings or walls, can have dramatic visual effects as well. Or maybe you want to showcase it as an accent color, the choices are almost limitless.

Which Crown Molding Material Should You Use?

The location where you are wanting to install crown moulding, and material costs, will most likely be the biggest factor in determining which material you will ultimately end up using for your project. Be sure to consult with Houston Carpenters to assist you with this important decision. For example if you are going to install crown molding in a bathroom with a shower nearby, you most likely wouldn’t want to use Wood or a Medium Density Fiber (MDF) product. The moisture in the air can cause damage over time to that type of material. The same goes with outdoor patio moulding. The molding you choose for outdoors or rooms where heavy moisture is a concern, will want to be more of a moisture resistant material such as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane crown molding. Please make sure to consult with Houston Carpenters regarding the right material to use in your specific situation. We will save you time, money, and a potentially large headache down the road.

Crown Molding Installation In Your Home

The overall style of your home should primarily influence your molding decision. For example, if your home is an ultra modern design gem, then you may want to stay away from an ornate stained wood crown moulding. But if your home is a Victorian era style full of decorative furnishing and stylings the stained wood ornate crown moulding will look right at home. Ideally you want to match the existing overall style of your home. There are many options to choose from. You may not want a standard crown molding. You may want to mix and match different trim pieces and create your own crown molding design. All moldings are priced by the linear foot.

The Crown Molding Installation Process with Houston Carpenters

Now that we have discussed the design specifications and chosen our material. It’s time to start installing crown moulding.  First thing we do to install crown molding before cutting one crown molding piece is measure the linear foot of material needed and analyze your walls. Are they straight? Are they bowed? Are they crooked? Location of the wall studs? We take all these factors into consideration to ensure a beautiful finish product. We will whip out our miter saw and miter saw table, make sure the saw blade is sharp and start cutting crown molding. The miter saw will insure tight crown molding corners. Tight crown molding corners are the tell tale sign a carpenter know what they are doing. There are two types of crown molding corners, which are the inside corner and outside corner. The idea is to have the least amount of crown molding pieces left over and use the least amount of wood filler. All that is left to do is paint crown molding. Painting the molding will include filling in the nail holes from the finish nails.

Trending Idea For Your Houston Home...

Here is a super cool and trending crown molding idea. Modern technology has made cost effective low voltage LED lights available main steam. There are some really neat projects out there that take advantage of this with their crown molding hiding the LED strip lights and creating a truly unique room lighting experiences. Most of these LED strip lights are remote controlled and can be set on timers and feature tons of color combinations. Here’s a free tip, make sure to use a diffuser when working with LED lights. This will diffuse the light agains the ceiling hiding the direct bulb bright spots. Make sure to reach out to Houston Carpenters to discuss your crown moulding project.
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