Custom Cabinets By
Houston Carpenters

Why Install Custom Cabinetry In Your Home?

Why choose custom cabinets? Well let’s just start with the first word Custom. Houston Carpenters can help you create custom cabinets that fit your home, your lifestyle, & your budget. Cabinets that actually fit your home and your specific needs. 

No More Wasted Space

These cabinets can be designed to take advantage of every nook and cranny in your space. The big box store cabinets only come in standard sizes. If your space requires something different then there will need to be an adjustment, like a filler panel or strip, aka wasted space. Wasted space, what a terrible phrase to be used when describing your home. Eliminating wasted space is one of our top priorities at Houston Carpenters. Consult with our skilled carpenters if you want the best custom cabinets option for your home.

Unlimited Options With Our Cabinets

The quality of custom cabinets is going to be much higher than the alternative big box store options. Custom cabinets are essentially crafted from the highest quality materials of your choice not necessarily particle board or fiberboard which you will find at the big box store. Everything is better, from the methods used on the cabinet joints to the installation of the cabinet hardware such as soft close slides and hinges to the glass inserts, it will be done with care, from an experienced technician where you can see and feel the love and passion for the craft.

Our Cabinets are Unique to You and Your Houston Home

The uniqueness of custom cabinets really stands out and catches the eye. The builder grade cabinets or big box cabinets tend to all really look the same. With custom cabinets the style options are unlimited. Are you wanting a rustic knotty pine finish, or a shaker style cabinet, or how about an ultra smooth high gloss acrylic finish? These options are all on the table with Houston Carpenters.

More To Custom Cabinet Installation Than A Kitchen Remodel

When most people think of custom cabinets, their first thought is naturally involves a remodel starting with the kitchen cabinets because it is the heart of your home and central to everyday life in your home. Who doesn’t want their dream kitchen? However kitchen cabinets are far from the only location you can enjoy custom cabinets. Our cabinetry can be utilized everywhere. For example imagine custom cabinets in the bathroom, laundry room, mudroom, office, garage, even a finished attic or basement. 

The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. At the end of the day the customization of cabinets from the materials used, quantity of drawers and cabinets is totally up to you and the options provided by the space you choose to install them.

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