Custom Closets

Custom Closets by Houston Carpenters

The closet. Typically overlooked when it comes to upgrading your home. Sure everyone loves to spend money on a kitchen remodel, a new washer & dryer for the laundry room, or the latest trendy bathroom revamp. But what about the room you enter multiple times a day? A room that is there for you when you need a few minutes to yourself, a room where you contemplate how you are going to tackle the day, and what you are going to wear while doing it? Of course I am talking about your closet! Whether you are wanting to upgrade a small “Reach In” closet with some basic organizational and storage solutions, or are looking to completely customize a walk in closet retreat catering to your every luxurious whim. We are the right carpenters for the job.

Closet Systems Designed With You In Mind

We are talking about a closet system with specific destination for every article of clothing and every accessory. Imagine how much time you could get back in your daily routine if you didn’t have to search for an article of clothing. You just knew it was in its specialized area or compartment. Houston Carpenters can assist with closet design and build the closet system of your dreams. You don’t have to be a closet designer, we can council you regarding the various types of wood which can be used on the project, providing the benefits and detractors, and of course price differences between the various types of materials.

Custom Designed Closets Add More Useable Space

How nice would it be to actually have enough room for all of your clothes and accessories. Houston Carpenters can help you make this fantasy a reality. Closets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and people have different clothing requirements, closets are ripe for customization. We can help you maximize space from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Who doesn’t want more space? No more stepping over piles of clothing and scattered shoes, belts strung up wherever you can find enough space for them, bulky department store bags with ripped handles deteriorating on shelves overhead filled with forgotten items from your past. Call us today to start your custom design.

Your Customized Design Closet

Like many aspects of construction there are many levels to customization, and building out a custom closet is no exception. Most people will opt for a few drawers and cabinets, essentially building a custom dresser into their closet. Or maybe they want to add a little elegance to their existing walk in closet with some custom trim around the closet door, crown molding, or baseboards. Others will need a fully customized closet design featuring soft close drawers and hinges, accessory compartments, shoe organizers, watch display cabinets, closet island, counter tops, full length mirrors, or even a hidden safe, just to name a few options. The thing about custom closets is we can build as much or as little as your needs require. 

Our Carpenters Are Ready To Work On Your Dream Closet

Our carpenters are here to listen to your needs and provide custom closet options based on those needs. You are the boss of your closet! We are here to facilitate your needs and provide expert insight when asked.  Get in touch with Houston Carpenters today for a free design consultation and we will open your eyes to the endless possibilities hidden in your closet.

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