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Accent Walls

Accent walls have been around a long time. However the materials used on the accent wall has changed quite a bit through out the years. We’ve seen everything from brick veneer to patterned wallpaper accent walls. The accent wall Houston Carpenters can assist you with range from a simple Board and Batten style all the way to a unique accent wall such as a geometric wooden molding wall. The Accent wall can be an easy way to make a bold statement, or alternatively, in some instances they can be used to tone down a room. Accent walls are limitless, they are only limited by your own imagination. Overall an accent wall is a focal point on one wall, and will be a conversation piece for everyone enjoying the space.
Your time would be well spent planning out your accent wall. Not every wall will be a candidate for an accent wall. Theoretically you can use an interior or exterior wall as an accent wall. Typically the accent wall in a room will be the wall that your eyes naturally focus on when entering the room. For example a living room accent wall behind your TV, or a fireplace accent wall are good walls to go after. To get the most out of your accent wall you may want to consider things like how much natural light the room receives, and how the natural light interacts with the wall, the size of the room, the furniture in the room, there are lots of things to consider. Do you want to paint your accent wall a bold color or something a bit moody like a dark gray? Or maybe stain the wood? It would be good to chat with one of our skilled carpenters who can provide some insight based on their experience.

A Few Accent Walls To Consider

Board and Batten

One of the simpler elegant styles of wooden accent walls. Board and Batten has been around for over 200 years. Originally used to cover the wall material joints when building a home, it’s not exactly a new concept but has definitely seen a rise in popularity lately. Board and Batten in its simplest form are vertical boards (batten) spaced out evenly on a wall terminating into a header board (board). Recent trends include multiple Boards mixed with the vertical (battens) creating squares or rectangles.

Angled Wood Accent Wall

Now we are kicking things up a notch! This accent wall is truly unique and can come in a variety of variations and patterns. Typically angled wood accent walls are an angled version of the traditional board and batten. The outcome is stunning dimensional patterns on the walls that really garnish attention and liven up a room. You can choose to have a clearly defined pattern or go for more of a random feel. You can use thin wood or thicker wood. The style of your room should heavily influence how busy the angled wood accent wall is.

Slat Wall or Slat Ceiling

Taking the whole wooden accent wall to the top level. The wooden slat wall is exactly as it sounds. It is a series of wooden slats spaced out evenly installed very close together vertically. It is almost an architectural feature. The trick is to find extremely straight boards and to make sure the boards are not crooked when installing them. This can prove to be very difficult once you possibly find out your walls and ceilings aren’t always 100% straight. Then you may have to incorporate adjustments over the span of the boards. Not Easy. But the outcome can be truly beautiful and worth the effort.
Houston Carpenters is here to assist you with all your wooden accent wall needs from a basic board and batten wall to a custom wood slat ceiling. So don’t be frightened to ditch the common white walls in your living room. Our experienced carpenters can help you come up with the best accent wall ideas and will handle the entire process from start to finish and make your accent wall come to life.
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