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Custom Carpentery Services Available In Houston Texas

Houston Carpenters offers a wide variety of custom carpentry services. Whether you are looking to update your kitchen cabinets, upgrade your interior doors, or create a stunning accent wall in your Dining Room or Mud Room, Houston Carpenters has you covered. Or maybe you are looking to upgrade your bathroom cabinets? Transitioning from a large block of bulky outdated cabinets to sleek dual floating vanities with under mount lighting, while maximizing storage and elegance. The possibilities are endless with our remodeling services. We can help you design the perfect cabinet setup and discuss in detail the different material options, hardware, cabinet doors, and finishes which can be used so you can achieve your home remodeling dreams.

Local Carpenters Ready To Get Your Project Completed

Houston Carpenters is locally owned and proudly located in Houston, TX and happily service many of the surrounding areas. Our carpenters have years of experience with all types of woodworking and custom cabinetry. From a small project to a complete kitchen overhaul we are going to do an amazing job for you and your home. We love bringing the beauty of our final product to our customers. Our mobile work stations are fully equipped with the best tools and equipment available helping us tackle anything your project can throw at us. 

Why Work With Our Expert Houston Carpenters?

Choosing the right company can be a tough decision. On one hand you want the highest available skilled workers possible handling your custom carpentry project and on the other hand you want a fair price. That is usually the trade off isn’t it? Quality or Price? Houston Carpenters has made it our mission to bring affordable custom carpentry services to the Houston area while doing an excellent job daily, leaving you scratching your head asking yourself why you didn’t call us years ago. Our goal is to share our talent and love of carpentry with Houston, TX. We want people to experience the joy quality carpentry can bring to your daily home environment.  We want your friends and neighbors’ jaws to drop on the floor when they see the upgrades you have done to your home.

Experience Makes All The Difference

Our local carpenters approach each job with the eye of an artist, this is not a one size fits all craft. As with most remodeling services each job is different and can provide its own unique challenges. This is where an experienced carpenter comes into play. Our experienced Houston carpenter will point out potential problems before they happen which will save you money and headaches. Great communication and amazing work are the sign of a true professional and some of the reasons Houston Carpenters is highly recommended and has 5 stars on all the major review platforms. We strive to exceed customer expectations and earn the trust of our customers. This is the only way our local pros know how to do business and wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Our customers and their projects are our highest priority. A carpenter relies heavily on their tools to provide quality work. Did you know most tools are battery powered now? The new generation of power tools do a fantastic job. No more plugging in extension cords all throughout your home to power up tools. This helps create a less intrusive job site. We cleanup our job sites daily and aim to make the experience as easy and un intrusive as possible for the client. 

When is Custom Cabinetry Right For You And Your Home?

How to tell when custom cabinets are right for you? That’s easy, when you walk into the room and look around…is upgrading the cabinets one of the first things you think about? And then you quickly put the idea out of your mind with a “maybe one day” thought, I mean this is not a mandatory service like brick masonry repair. Imagine being able to mark this project off your check list. And walking into that same room and instead of seeing a “maybe one day project” you feel a smile on your face knowing that your custom cabinets are done and you Love Them! No more awkward rolling drawers, chipped cabinet doors, old water damage under the sink, wasted space, stripped out pull handles, or outdated cabinet moulding. From baseboards to crown moulding and everything in between Houston Carpenter has your custom carpentry needs covered. 

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Cabinetry?

There are many benefits to upgrading your cabinetry. Increasing the storage capacity of your rooms by getting rid of the outdated cabinets with their one size fits all approach has to be our favorite reason. The best part about our custom cabinets is they are specifically designed for your exact space. Our local carpenters will measure and design the ultimate cabinet setup tailored to your specific kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room to maximize storage and bring beauty to the space. These new cabinets will have the features you really want such as soft close drawers slides, soft close hinges, appliance lifts, corner maximization, pull out organizers, sliding spice racks, and more! Popular locations for custom cabinetry include the: kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, mud room, hallway storage, closets, and even your garage! Customization is practically unlimited when you hire Houston Carpenters. Custom cabinets are a part of your home that are seen and experienced everyday. You might as well enjoy looking at them and using them, because you can’t hide them!

Custom Carpentry Around Your Home

Baseboards & Crown Moulding

Have you ever upgraded your baseboards? Trust us, this is one of the best bang for your buck projects that is highly recommended and really makes a statement.  Upgrading the baseboards in your home can give it that elegant clean look and take your home to the next level. If you really want to kick it up a notch take a look at crown moulding. BTW is it crown molding or crown moulding? Well you know what we mean. Adding baseboard and crown moulding can bring dimension to a room and give it character. Our carpentry professionals will make sure the interior trim is secure and the joints are clean and tight to create a seamless flowing look. 

Custom Closet

You know a room that doesn’t get much respect but you use it everyday? You rush in and out of it daily without a 2nd thought about it. Your Closet. You know that over stuffed little room in your bedroom with no decor, poor lighting, where some of your clothes actually go to disappear forever. Here is the good news..it doesn’t have to be this way! We can create custom closets with innovative storage solutions that will transform the way you view your closet and make it a pleasure to visit each and every day. 


Or maybe you want to go for the regal look of wainscoting. Wainscoting can transform a room instantaneously and make any room look absolutely fantastic! This finish work can go as ornate as you want, or keep it simple and clean. There are a lot of ways to integrate wainscoting to match your personality and desired room objectives.

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